Dry hair what are the causes

Dry hair, what are the causes

Many people suffer from dry hair buckets: these appear brittle, dull and dehydrated with the presence of split ends.

The causes of dry hair are:

  • Dietary or nutrient deficiencies (such as calcium or vitamins or minerals)
  • hormonal imbalances
  • environmental pollution
  • external agents such as use of incorrect cosmetics
  • heredity

Dry hair could also be due to a Poor sebum production by sebaceous glands attached to hair follicles.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight

Or to an Prolonged exposure to sunlight, sea or pool water: in fact, precisely during the summer season, hair tends to become dry (even for those who do not have this problem during the year).

So, better to protect one’s hair with a hat or by using a protective hair spray.

Once you return home, it will be very important to use natural masks, compresses or conditioners that will help your hair become healthy again and not have that heavy or “straw” hair feeling.

Although until recently it was thought that washing hair every day could be harmful, in fact it can be done and indeed it is advisable after being at the beach, to wash it with specific products and rather avoid blow-drying.

Excessive use of hair tools

Again, dry hair results from excessive use of high-temperature hair tools such as a blow dryer, flat iron or hair iron or the use of aggressive, unnatural dyes (henna is best).

To have shiny and healthy hair, you will only need to change a few things, your diet and hair cleansing products.

Many natural remedies can also help such as flaxseeds of which many masks or conditioners or compresses are composed.

But also natural products based on coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba and shea butter.