Caffeine how much of it can we take per day

Caffeine, how much of it can we take per day

The amount of coffee that can be taken per day is five cups: this is what has been published by the Efsa. Caffeine contained in coffee (as well as in soft drinks such as Coca Cola or Red Bull) can in fact have contraindications on the body especially since the time to eliminate 50 percent of the caffeine taken ranges from two to eight hours.

The time needed varies depending on several factors such as age, body weight, the state you are in (if you are pregnant or have liver problems).

Then, keeping in mind that a cup of espresso contains about 80 mg of caffeine (as does an energy drink), a cup of tea contains 50 mg, and soda 40 mg, you need to stop at a maximum intake of 400 mg of caffeine (or about five cups of coffee) during the day.

This amount drops for pregnant women.

If this is the daily amount, a separate discourse is that which concerns the single consumption, which should not exceed 200 mg.

Children should not take coffee but it might happen that they still consume caffeine (considering that they are the ones who abuse carbonated beverages such as Coca Cola, or chocolate that is also rich in caffeine): for them, the maximum amount to take is 90 mg daily.

This is precisely because it has been noted that those who take a lot of caffeine have difficulty falling asleep and having a peaceful sleep.

However, taken in the right amounts, Caffeine in coffee has several benefits such as: improved reflexes, increased concentration, adrenaline release, increased metabolism, heart rate and blood pressure.

But also other effects such as increased diuresis and gastric acid synthesis (all of which would promote the reduction of localized adiposity). Drinking coffee, according to the latest studies, would also help weight loss by stimulating basal metabolic rate by 10-15%.