Aprilia – Presentation of results on the Epidemiological Study on the municipal territory

Aprilia – Presentation of the results on the Epidemiological Study on the municipal territory

A public conference will be held next Thursday, December 10, at 4 p.m. at the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Aprilia, municipal headquarters in Piazza Roma, to present the results of the epidemiological study desired and financed by the Administration.

The upcoming Dec. 10 initiative was officially announced by Mayor Antonio Terra, speaking last Saturday at a conference on the future of health care in the City, promoted by the Prisma Association at the headquarters of the North Aprilia Neighborhood Committee near Friuli Park.

The design of the epidemiological study was approved by the Administration in 2013 and implemented by the Latina ASL through a deliberative act in February 2015. The general objective of the study was to analyze the trend of major diseases on the entire population with respect to environmental, social and lifestyle factors, also taking into account the existence of possible risk situations on the territory, including the establishment of industrial plants and waste treatment sites.