Witch’s stroke what it is

Witch’s stroke, what it is

The WITCH HITCH is acute low back pain that leads to intense pain in the lower back. Occurs due to a traumatic event: a sudden and abrupt movement, physical exertion that is too intense or that one has not controlled.

I symptoms associated with witchcraft stroke are many and varied:

  • tingle
  • stiffness
  • soreness and/or pain
  • difficulty of movement

Witch’s stroke and all related symptoms usually disappear within a few days (or weeks) even without questioning the doctor.

If the pain is too severe, however, it can be treated with anti-inflammatories to unblock the muscles. Decontracting massages and heat packs in the lower back are also useful.

The doctor might also prescribe analgesics (paracetamol), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen and nimesulide) or antispastics to loosen muscle contraction.

During the first few days of pain, it is best to assume a comfortable position and not stay in bed too long and stay active by performing small and simple stretching exercises, without overdoing it.

But you can also do a lot to preventing witch’s stroke By implementing mindful behaviors while doing simple daily activities.

So it is good to:

  • lift, carry, push or drag weights properly
  • Remain seated in correct positions (such as at the PC or while driving), varying from time to time
  • Do not stand for too long
  • Be careful not to make sudden or uncontrolled movements
  • Always use appropriate footwear
  • covering up when it’s cold
  • Avoiding sedentariness and staying fairly active at all times

Most importantly it is important to do stretching and stretching exercises before physical activity (but also carve out time to do them, regardless of the physical activity).

This will keep the muscles, ligaments, and tendons flexible and relieve pain in the lumbar and back muscle strips.