Malpractice claims on the rise here’s how to seek compensation

Malpractice claims on the rise, here’s how to claim compensation

More than 90 percent of malpractice cases gone to trial turn out to be unfounded. Serious damages for physicians and facilities sued and onerous legal costs for whistleblowers, thanks to system in which everyone loses out. To deal with medical malpractice cases in a way that correct comes to us, the portal dedicated to compensation.

Would you go to a dentist to get appendicitis surgery? Would you have an orthopedic surgeon treat pneumonia, cast a foot by an ENT specialist, extract a decayed tooth by a dermatologist? Answering no is a given: health first.

Well, the good rule of always using a specialist-essential in the medical field-for Italians seems to end when entering the legal field.

This is the assumption from which three young entrepreneurs start That in 2011 they design and launch the web portal, with the goal of providing legal assistance to victims of medical malpractice and beyond through sectorally specialized professionals.

Choosing the right lawyer is decisive in defending one’s rights. As in health care, specialization is the rule when it comes to law firms. There is no such thing as an all-lawyer. Or rather, they exist and you have to be wary of them, especially in civil cases, if you want to hope to win in front of a judge.

It is not enough to be able to distinguish between civil and criminal lawyers. Among matrimonial lawyers, tax lawyers, contract lawyers, experts in environmental, administrative, corporate, commercial, labor, insurance, dhe health sector, the European Union, union, urban, the range of specializations for lawyers is truly impressive. Every law firm, every legal professional, can offer expertise in limited areas.

Especially in these times of crisis, In which companies and professionals are aiming for hyper-specialization to differentiate themselves and gain market share, even in law there is uncontrollable competition, and law firms are aiming for sector specialization. The legal issues of clients, whether private citizens or businesses, need the best professionalism to be guaranteed. Reiterating this is important as a new phenomenon is emerging in the competition among lawyers: the race to the bottom price.

In fact, more and more potential clients are calling different law firms without paying attention to the quality of protection but only to the fee to be paid to the lawyer, asking, for example, if they can get a lower price than other law firms contacted previously. Evidently there are people who believe that law firms are like supermarkets, where in order to save money one goes in search of the cheapest discount.

The high percentage of malpractice cases that have gone to trial that turn out to be unfounded is often caused by the superficiality of analysis. In cases of medical malpractice, which are often very complex, it is not only necessary to have specific legal and insurance expertise, but it is first and foremost necessary for the lawyer to collaborate with a medico-legal expert, who also specializes in the subject, and who is the only person capable of identifying the medical error. If the error is not found and proven, why go to trial increasing time and costs?

Through a thorough medico-legal expertise, in which the documentary evidence of medical injury is detailed, it is possible to seek compensation out of court, avoiding the court and reducing costs and time, both for the injured party and for the health facility or doctor.

In health care facilities, staff are increasingly engaged in grueling shifts, forced to work in dilapidated facilities with obsolete equipment. Doctors, nurses and health care workers are still human beings and as such can make mistakes, unfortunately when it happens, the mistake affects our health, our feelings and those of our family members. One feels unjustly condemned to live with the damage suffered because of one or more people who failed to do their jobs, hence the frantic rush for revenge, justice.

Unfortunately, harm must be found and proven with tangible documentary evidence, otherwise unnecessary and costly to proceed legally.

Applying these simple rules would eliminate unnecessary lawsuits, legal fees and wasted time, as well as lowering the pressure that health care providers suffer during the legal process.