Bracciano – Hospital, general surgery activities reopen

Bracciano – Hospital, general surgery activities reopen

From Oct. 1, at the Bracciano hospital facility will be reactivated activities of general surgery. They had been suspended for the serious shortage of surgeons and anesthesiologists, to which it was possible to cope with the recent exceptions to hiring granted by the Lazio Region.

  • As agreed with the Director of the General Surgery UOC of the ASL RM/F Hospital Cluster, of which Bracciano Hospital is one of the two component facilities, surgical activities will be provided with the presence in service, on weekdays, by
    2 surgeons during daytime hours 08.00 – 20.00 and a surgeon during night hours 20.00-08.00 with a surgeon on call; on holidays, the staffing will be the same as the’night hours.

La agreement with St. Andrew’s Hospital for the coverage of some surgical on-call shifts will remain active until Oct. 15, To enable the induction of the surgeons who will take effective service at Bracciano Hospital on Oct. 1.

  • Activities will resume with a initial allocation of 16 beds, of which 4 beds will be dedicated to short-cycle surgery activities (day-surgery, one-day-surgery, week-surgery).
  • Activities will be provided through 2 weekly operative sessions, with schedule 08.00-17.00.
  • They will be guaranteed the emergency activities, both advisory and support to the Emergency Room, and operational, to which will be ensured the correlated priority over scheduled elective activities. To this end, as usual, one of the two operating rooms will be kept available at all times. The decision on the emergency nature of the activities to be performed and the related care actions to be taken is exclusively clinical in nature and, for that reason, entrusted to the assessment of the surgeons on duty.
  • The activities of Post-Operative Intensive Care (TYPE) will be guaranteed in cases of need, both in the election and emergency regimes, with appropriate organizational models being implemented.

It is superfluous to point out that the resumption of surgical activities, after a prolonged period of severe limitation and in the context of a broader remodeling of the care activities of the entire Hospital Presidium, in relation to the new and very recent redefinition of the Hospital Network of the Lazio Region established by the Decrees of the Commissioner ad Acta (most recently with DCA 197/2015), Will take place in a gradual manner, by establishing a work-in-progress, with progressive implementation of the activities themselves.

This choice is aimed at ensuring the maximum safety of the activities themselves and, with that, of the health of patients.

As surgical activities have resumed their normal course, they will be proceeded with their progressive organization, aimed at concretely implementing the care model in which surgical activities of higher clinical/assistance complexity are carried out at the’San Paolo Hospital in Civitavecchia – in ordinary inpatient care – and those of lower clinical/assistance complexity are carried out at the’Padre Pio Hospital in Bracciano – in day/week-surgery regimen.

In parallel, also in order to allow better operational management of the above-mentioned short-cycle surgery, will be adequately remodeled Pre-Hospitalization activities and will proceed to the operational configuration of care activities by Intensity of Care.

They will also proceed to the’activation of 4 Intensive Short Observation beds (OBI), to ensure better management of ER patients, avoiding “supports” inappropriate in inpatient wards.

The activities of orthopedics will be carried out according to an organizational-operational model parallel to that of the surgical activities, with a 16-bed capacity and an availability of two operating sessions per week, with a schedule of 08.00-17.00.

In addition, within the Corporate Screening for the Colon-Rectum Carcinoma, will be activated the activities of endoscopy 2nd level, to ensure adequate accessibility to citizens residing in the F3 and F4 districts, who would otherwise be penalized by the distance from the hospital facilities in Civitavecchia and Rome.

The Corporate Management appreciates the professionalism and perseverance that the operators of the Bracciano hospital facility have always and in any case provided to ensure the continuity of health care for patients in their hospital.

On this basis, it will be possible to give a New impetus to the activities themselves, with the availability of beds provided by DCA 197/2015 and according to the programmatic and organizational lines defined by the Strategic Plan of ASL RM/F, giving concrete implementation to the new operational models provided therein.