ASL Roma F – Reached agreement on MRI

ASL Roma F – Reached agreement on magnetic resonance imaging

It took place yesterday morning the long-awaited meeting between corporate management, With Director General Giuseppe Quintavalle and the corporate medical director Lauro Sciannamea, Prof. Giuseppe Tagliaferri, director of the U.O.C Radiology at St. Paul&#8217s Hospital, and prof. Domenico Carnì, regional president of the’A.N.P.O (National Association of Hospital Chiefs).

After an extensive review of the situation, in which all present Have had a chance to sift through and discuss every aspect of the issue, and in which the need to use the new MRI for the entire Roma F territory was reiterated, an important agreement was reached.

The Executive Board, Recognizing the centrality and professionalism of prof. Tagliaferri, moreover never questioned, will activate a Corporate Project for High Technology Radiology (CT, RNM), proposed and coordinated by Prof. Tagliaferri, intended to implement the’whole business of high-tech equipment in the company&#8217s territory, aiming at a massive recovery of the much passive mobility currently present.

Management is committed to supporting the project with the search for additional medical specialists and specialized operators in order to maximize the use of the equipment, without prejudice to the priority of 24-hour use for the urgent hospital emergencies.

It’s also agreed to conduct/periodic reviews of the expected results’s progress.