Concluded the third edition of Gluten Free Days 2015

The third edition of Gluten Free Days 2015 concluded

It ended yesterday, Sunday, October 11, 2015, at the Palazzo dei Congressi dell’Eur, the third edition of the GLUTEN FREE DAYS – WELLNESS FOOD FEST 2015, event conceived and produced by Lanificio Factory, promoted by AIC Lazio, in collaboration with SuLleali Responsible Communication.

The GLUTEN FREE DAYS – WELLNESS FOOD FEST 2015 Received the patronage of the main institutions: the Ministry of Health, the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome. Media partners: Leggo, Radio Roma Capitale, Glutenfree Television, Gluten Free Travel & Living and Ecosost. With the extraordinary participation of Gambero Rosso.

“We are really satisfied with this third edition,” stressed Paola Fagioli, president of AIC Lazio, and Roberto Malfatto, president of Lanificio Factory: “Over 5.000 visitors: a real success, considering that for the first time we organized the event in an important location with historical value, and that this made it necessary to introduce an entrance fee”.

2 medical-scientific conferences, 200 diagnostic screenings of celiac disease, 20 physicians on hand, expo area and 60 companies that presented their products, 9 cooking classes with glutenfree chefs, 16 showcooking with chefs Ferrarini, Scaglione, master pizza maker Amoriello, 8 food bloggers and the final challenge launched by Gambero Rosso for the realization of a gourmet pizza, collected and won by an exceptional couple: Ferrarini-Amoriello. One cannot enumerate the many tastings offered at the stands.

At the scientific conference on Saturday morning, there was an attempt to shed light on what celiac disease is and what food allergies are, the necessity of the gluten-free diet for celiacs, and the compatibility of this with the choice of eating styles, such as vegetarian and vegan.

Very important study presented – and still ongoing – on the microbiota, which appears to play an important role in gluten-related diseases. “The microbiota is the’collection of bacteria that inhabit our intestines,” explains Prof. De Vitis, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of AIC Lazio – There is scientific evidence that variations in the microbiota or related metabolic functions can lead to alterations in intestinal permeability, which is central to the pathogenesis of celiac disease and food allergies. Individuals with celiac disease have a higher representation of bifidus bacteria and different species of lactobacilli, the numbers and diversity of which are significantly reduced with the gluten-free diet.

Obviously, new controlled clinical trials and at different ages of life are needed before drawing definitive conclusions.”.

At the Sunday morning conference, organized by the Latium Order of Psychologists, it was widely emphasized that food is more than a mere introduction of food; it is also a time for socializing, an outlet and, for those on a forced diet, can become a problem. Failure to adequately manage or take charge of the bundle of emotions related to having to give up certain foods for life results in periodic diet transgression in 15% of those diagnosed and an impact on families, which often pays for it are the children, who “suffer” their parents’ behaviors without being able to understand them, remaining alone and disoriented.

From all the doctors, then, the unanimous call to the’importance of diagnoses, made following the medical path: no to DIY, no to improvised diets and no to gluten-free if there is no need for it. Precisely for this reason, in collaboration with the Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic Foundation – Universit√† Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, a free screening was conducted on Saturday and Sunday, with a blood draw for the diagnosis of celiac disease, with reports sent home to those who test positive. The first tests were worked as early as Sunday afternoon.

Well attended was the ’food event “Blog IN: Food-blogging in people” organized by SuLLeali Responsible Communication: a double event that featured food bloggers, who cooked their specialties in the hall, accompanied by the expert nutritional commentary of Dr. Silvio Moretti. Not a cooking competition, but a moment of community among visitors and those who have made gluten-free cooking a’genuine passion.

It’s been an opportunity to learn how to knead naturally harder and less “sticky” flours and discover new ways of cooking gluten-free, lactose-free and with a preference toward organic and vegan ingredients.

We thank as sponsors and supporters of the event: Birra Peroni, main sponsor, Dr. Schaer, Glorioso, Gambero Rosso, Banca Credito Cooperativo Roma and Giuseppe Scuccimarri Condominium Administrators.